Our vision

Fun up front. Clever under the hood. This is the design ethos of Algonaut, where if people choose to express themselves through music there should be no barriers to stop them.

Artificial Intelligence has arrived and we see its potential to create products that enrich musicians, remove the barriers that block creativity, and inspire musicians to try ideas they never would have thought of. So we make our software products for ourselves as much as you. So that nothing holds us all back from making great music.

Algonaut was founded by Matt Weir and Tim Corin in 2017 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand

Press Kits

Download the media press kits below. These press kits contain the official write-ups and imagery for use in articles, blogs, social media posts etc. Please contact us if you need more information at info@algonaut.tech

Algonaut/Atlas Press Kit

Software Legal Notices

The acknowledgments and terms of the third party software used in our products can be found here.

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